Approval for Reproduction

    To obtain approval for breeding Hispano-Árabe horses must be submitted to the qualification/grading system presented in this section.(Article 4 of the Breed Standard Order APA/3277/2002 dated 13 Dec).

    Qualification of a Hispano-Árabe for future breeding will be carried out using a points system of assessment, at the request of the breeder or owner for a Valoration (Grading) once the horse turns three years old.

    The following chart gives the basic parameters used for reproductive assessment along with the corresponding coefficients:

    * The assessors are looking for strength, amplitude, flexibility, vivacity, elegance, rhythm, regularity and co-ordination.

    a.) Each parameter will be rated from one to ten points, according to the following valuations:-

    A grading with less than 5 points in anyone of the specified basic parameters will be cause for disqualification from breeding, regardless of the scores obtained in the other parameters.

    b.) The category that the horse achieves is defined by the sum of the points scored for each parameter after they have been multiplied by the correct coefficient.

    These categories are:

    Horses obtaining scores between 55 and 59,99 points, have the option of a second test to qualify for breeding; and can be resubmitted a year after the first grading.

    Horses obtaining a grade in the category "sufficient" or "acceptable" will be a accepted in the Principle Registry of Hispano-Árabe horses approved for breeding.

    Horses obtaining a score of 71 points or higher will be considered for "calificardo"; qualified reproducers for AI or embryo transfer.

    'Elite Reproducers':

    A Hispano-Árabe can be submitted for a genetic evaluation against the overall plan for the
    improvement of the breed, if it can prove that it can upgrade the breed by passing optimal
    qualities to their descendants it will be declared an 'Elite Reproducer'.

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