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Our Goals

  • Primary purpose is the conservation, perpetuation and promotion of the Hispano-Árabe (Há) horse
    throughout the UK. Assist in protecting the breed, share and verify breeding stock and breeding
    reports throughout it's members in the UK; and to preserve and promote the breed based on the rules
    and regulations passed down from the Stud Book in Spain.

  • To assist Hispano-Árabe owners with the procurement of  Unión Española de Ganaderos de
    Caballos de Raza Hispano-árabe (UEGHá)
    registration documents and the inscription of horses into
    the breed Stud Book

  • To be affiliated to the Unión Española de Ganaderos de Caballos de Raza Hispano-árabe (UEGHá)
    and to enter into a protocol with UEGHá and to work in accordance with such signed protocol.

  • To maintain and deliver records for the registration of the UK owned Hispano-Árabe horses to

  • To create and publish the National British Register for the Hispano-Árabe (Há), it's part-breds and
    the Tres sangres
    Anglo Hispano-Árabe (Ahá) horses in the UK.

  • To achieve through DEFRA, breed recognition for the Hispano-Árabe breed in the UK and issue
    breed-specific passports, in accordance with EU legislation.

  • To give greater exposure to the breed by publishing the less-readily available materials; such as
    translations of articles from Spain.

  • To educate about the Hispano-Árabes by emphasising the International significance of the breed, it's
    cultural background and unique qualities.

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