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Studbook Registration


As we start the 2012 Spring foaling season please do remember that in order to Stud Book inscribe your Pure Bred Hispano-Árabe you need to return the 'foal birth' certificate to me and not the AHS or BAPSH as they will only register your foal as a part bred of their organisations. The UEGHá is the only legal body that inscribes Hispano-Árabes and issues passports for this breed.

Any Canadian, USA or European 2012 foals requiring Stud Book inscription but as yet with no agency to assist in submission of inscription requests may contact me and have their application to the UEGHá facilitated through Hispano-Árabe UK.

Best wishes to all Hispano-Árabe breeders and expected 2012 foalings.

Hispano-Árabe UK is a Breed Registration Service for the owners of Hispano-Árabe horses, Hispano-Árabe partbreds and Anglo Hispano-Árabe/ Tres sang (AHá) horses.

We work directly with the UEGHá; the breeders association officially recognised by Spain's Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs for the management of the Hispano-Árabe State Stud Book to assist horse owners with the process of Studbook Registration, DNA testing and microchipping, and breed improvement.

Hispano-Árabe UK will advise breeders and owners on how to collect and where to send the material for testing, and will work with UEGHá to verify the parentage of horses and obtain Spanish passports and registration documentation.

We will assist owners who wish to inscribe their breeding stock into the published volumes of the Studbook. Our services are open to any UK Hispano-Árabe owner. The owner pays for the veterinarian to collect the DNA and complete identification charts and provide microchip, the cost of the UEGHá documentation to facilitate Stud Book inscription and issue of Breed specific Spanish State Passports.

When required we will obtain documentation and facilitate the grading of UK Hispano-Árabe stock by UEGHá with the owners meeting only the necessary costs for their own horses.

The British Association for the Pure Raza Hispano-Árabe

Hispano-Árabe UK maintains the Official UK Register for the Breed as approved by the UEGHá and DEFRA, and member's horses Stud Book inscribed in accordance with EU legislation resident in the UK are listed on this website.

Download: Registration Notification Form

Passports and Breed Recognition in the UK

Hispano-Árabe UK is the official UK registration association for the Hispano-Árabe Stud Book recognised by the UEGHá; no other UK association or society has authority from Spain or DEFRA to process inscription documentation for the Hispano-Árabe. We will assist the UEGHá to issue Hispano-Árabe passports from Spain to stock bred in the UK in accordance with breeding rules and regulations passed-down from the Stud Book of Spain.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have recognised the Hispano-Árabe Breed in the United Kingdom in accordance with European Union legislation and in working with Hispano-Árabe UK to facilitate breed specific passports for UK Hispano-Árabe part-breds and the Anglo Hispano-Árabe, that will carry full breeding details; have authorised Sports Horse Breeding of Great Britain to work with us to inscribe these horses as Sports Horses under their association and produce breed specific identification passports.

See "Horses in UK" page for details of UK Registers and links to pdf forms for both UK and UEGHá application for services and registration.

All Pure Bred Hispano-Árabe and partbred Hispano-Árabe and Anglo Hispano-Árabe/Tre-sang horses registered with BAPRHá will be listed on this website.

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