The Hispano-Árabe

Widely preferred in Spain for their combination of the Spanish horses
courage, movement, and unflappable temperament with the Arabian
heart, endurance, and ruggedness; the Hispano-Árabe is especially
prized in Spain for Doma Vaquera riding and for the demanding life
of the working cattle horse on the vast unfenced plains of Andalusia.

These horses are capable of simply breathtaking displays of harmony
between horse and rider. To gain an understanding of the possible
relationship of horse and rider the following links to video of these
horses in action.

1. The famous Spanish rider Jesus Morales on his magnificent
Hispano-Árabe Halcion, in an exhibition of La Garotcha
(note; Sr Morales works with his reigns tied to his waist)

2. Halcion at play with Sr Morales pet bull:

3.Hispano-Árabe horses and riders in work:

4. Hispano-Árabe yearlings and 2yr olds
doing what comes naturally

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