The Hispano-Árabe is classified for special protection and conservation due to it's small numbers and administered under a regeneration breeding plan by Spain; the country of origination.

While the Hispano-Árabe Stud Book and the criteria for regulating the breed has been compiled in accordance with recognised standards in the equine community, it has in the past 30 years obviously concentrated upon the indigenous horses of Spain. This does not automatically preclude the existance of Hispano-Árabe horses being bred and enjoyed all around the World with many countries keen to include their horses in the Stud Book managed by Spain.

As the UEGHá works to open the Stud Book and increase public awareness about the breed it seems there is a massive world interest but not enough accessible information in the countries keen to establish these horses or already breeding them in isolation. We lack general awareness and knowledge about the scattered pockets of Hispano-Árabe horses, their breeders and owners around the world. Networking as one community would assist in reducing the confusion and isolation of enthusiasts struggling to seek information and promote the breeding programmes in their countries.In the future our countries would be looking to open a market to exchange stock, bloodlines and one day perhaps hold International classes for our Hispano-Árabe horses.

To that end this section of our web will seek to create a network of news from around the world. Obviously our start point is the UEGHá and reports from the Stud Book Director about the horses in Spain. We also hope to add links to studs, ranches and owners in Spain breeding and working with this breed of horse. At this point my research has all ready uncovered contacts and studs in other countries and I will be adding pages reporting on those groups and providing links for the benefit of studs and owners in their country as well as to promote awareness in general.

If there are any readers interested in assisting in providing information, news and links about the Hispano-Árabe horses of their country for inclusion in this project please do get in touch.

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