State Studbook Registries

The Hispano-Árabe breed of horse is defined by enrollment by birth in the State Studbook which is divided
into the following registries:

a.) Registry of Births:

i) Products derived from crossing purebred apto Arab stallions and apto PRE mares (F1 50%)

ii) Products derived from apto PRE stallions and apto purebred Arab mares (F1 50%)

(UK Arab mares and stallions must be registered with the Arab Horse Society; but are not expected to be
declared 'apto' under Spanish regulations)

iii) Products of apto PRE's with apto Hispano-Árabe

iv) Products of apto Arabs with apto Hispano-Árabe

v) Products from ancestors of PRE and Prá ;
ie progeny of foundation apto Hispano-Árabes (
Há x Há)

vi) Products of crossover between the progeny of the above five categories to consolidate type to the   
 established breed standard (
Note:The successive generations of breeding are based on meeting the breed
 characteristics and not upon % :PRE:Arab 25:75 ratio not applicable)

Products resulting from crossing any of the above with mares enrolled in the Auxilary Registry and
Hispano-Árabes stallions registered in the Principle Registry of Approved Hispano-Árabes stallions
These animals will be registered as having a minimum of 50% Arab blood.

The crossings can be achieved by natural covering, artificial insemination, or embryo transfer.

b.) Principle Registry of Horses Approved for Breeding:

For those horses coming from the Registry of Births with a least 25% of Arab blood and that have passed
the prescribed qualification/grading for Reproduction, in accordance with present standards.

c.) Auxiliary Registry:

For those horses that do not have all or part of the papers proving pedigree/breeding and have obtained a score of at least 60 points when examined for qualification in Article 4 of the Breed Standard. Thus horses previously graded non-apto for reproduction but have themselves or through their descendants demonstrated good morphological and functional qualities, can now be included in the breed expansion programme.
Nb.This registry is only open to horses in Spain. requesting inscription to this registry.

If one parent is inscribed in the Auxiliary Register for the Hispano-Árabe breed, their products/offspring may be inscribed in the Principal Registry with a percentage of 50%. provided that the other parent is an approved breeding horse from the Principal Register for the Hispano-Árabe breed. It admits any percentage of Arab blood resulting from the corresponding matings.

d.) Registry of Merits:

For those horses that demonstrate outstanding morphological and functional qualities.

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