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The UEGHá retains full control and management of the Stud Book for the Hispano-Árabe, and Spain has not, nor at this point in time every delegated that authority or stud book daughter status to any other country. At present there are insufficient numbers of Hispano-Árabe horses outside of Spain to warrant the establishment of UEGHá agents for the breed (as opperated by ANCCE for the management of PRE horses). The UEGHá is expanding it's web site to hold a section in English for English speaking Hispano-Árabe horse breeders to access all the information and forms they require to directly apply for Stud Book inscription of their Hispano-Árabe horses. A similar section will be included for European countries.

Hispano-Árabe Horses for Sale in Spain

The UEGHá website carries listings of its member's Hispano-Árabe stock available for sale and more recently has added details of stallions available for stud services.
(Nb. for AI the stallion has to be calificardo approved)

While there are reputable horse dealers trading in Spanish stock, unfortunately there has also been a surge of not so reputable dealers selling horses without papers or proof of sale. For this reason I urge buyers to make use of the sellers promoted through the UEGHá and those recommended by experienced Hispano-Árabe horse breeders genuinely supporting the breed. Without doubt there are some excellent un-papered Hispano-Árabe horses but if you wish to breed from your horse as a Hispano-Árabe then you must purchase horses inscribed in the Stud Book:

All horses in the Main Register can be found here along with confirmation if they are approved for breeding (if they have been submitted for grading), and details of any prodgeny. Horses denoted as RA on their papers are in the Auxiliary Register approved for breeding with Main Register Hispano-Árabe and will not appear on this online database.

Hispano-Árabe Champions of Spain

In response to enquiries about champion Hispano-Árabe horses in Spain and interest in the morphology of the breed and its ability as a sports performance horse the following reports are snippets from the reports available on the official website for the Hispano-Árabe, to help give you a taste of the more detailed reports to be found on the UEGHá website......

From the UEGHá website a useful tool to help with breeding Hispano-Árabe's and to see the quality of the breed is the on-line catalogue in pdf format of the annual genetic evaluations carried out in Spain.

II Morphological Purebred Hispano-Árabe - EQUIMUR 2012 - was held at Torre Pacheco (Murcia) attached in pdf is the List of Hispano-Árabe participants divided into the 8 categories: 1yr old fillies(portas) and colts(portros), up to 4yr olds upwards adult mares and stallions. The results can be found on the UEGHá web :

The Breed Champion mare, Carioca 25% and stallion, Incauto 31.25% which were ultimately proclaimed Best of Breed were both owned by the Yeguada Hermanos Álvarez Lorenzo.


On February 11 the Mario James Team went with his exemplary Hispano-Árabes; Yep Hazelnut 25%, Yep Hisham 50% y Yep Felonía 25%. To compete Endurance organized by the Military Academy of Zaragoza in their facilities.

Yep Hazelnut 25% ridden by Miguel Rodriguez participated in the 40km test grade, Yep Hisham 50% ridden by Marcelo Pira and Yep Felonía 25% ridden by Patricia Gomez entered the 80km test with controlled speed, and all managed to finish in perfect condition achieving their aims and the necessary qualifications.

Yep Hazelnut 25% (dam's brother Yep Embaucadora 25%) and Yep Hisham 50% will still have to qualify, while Yep Felonía 25%, sister of Yep Embaucadora 25%, and will qualify and jump to the international competition.


Caballos Jóvenes de Concurso Completo de Equitación(Young Eventing Horses of Equitation) testing started in February at the Gran Hipódromo de Dos Hermanas, Sevilla.

The same venue 2 weeks previous had celebrated an International in the same discipline, of three star category and the same day also coincided with another of the same category (which is the highest rating, only four in the World have the rating of 4 stars).

Never before in test organized by AECCAá delegated by the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment, has there been seen so many Hispano-Árabe horses or such quality.

They had three Hispano-Árabe horses participating in the 3yr old category (this being 20% of this classes entries); Gales 25%, Gadea 50% e Imbro 50% and all three have managed to overcome the difficulties without major setbacks, and still Gales 25% - son of "Ultraje 50%", ridden by Corporal Miguel Zamora of the Yeguada Militar achieved the best ranking: 60 points in dressage, clear round in show-jumping and only 1.60 points penalty for exceeding the time round the cross-country course......

The last stage of this cycle testing for Young Event Horses being held at the Gran Hipódromo de Dos Hermanas (Sevilla).

finished with the 6 yr old Hispano-Árabe mare Canelha RB 50% bred by D.Antonio Rodríguez de la Borbolla y Ruibérriz de Torres, qualify and finish second behind the imported Anglo-Arab mare "Source de la Faye". This makes Canelha RB 50% the best National Product of this Sports Eventing Trials.

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